An Experience of the Farmstead Inn and Conference Center, Shipshewana, Indiana

An Experience of the Farmstead Inn and Conference Center, Shipshewana, Indiana
Posted January 17th, 2013 at 9:54 am

I go back to the Amish county at least once every year for complete relaxation and some really good food! This time, I and my friend decided to go for Shipshewana, Indiana.

We picked up Farmstead Inn and Conference Center. It is a nice hotel and is clean. The staffs are friendly and the hotel is well located. It is an average hotel.

Shipshewana is in Indiana’s Amish county’s heart, spreading through LeGrange and Elkhart counties. Representatives of Mennonites and Amish Anabaptist groups heavily populate the region. It has a big flea market operating only during the weekdays. The crowd in the market is simply overwhelming!

The appealing frontage of the Farmstead Inn grabs the first attention. The inn is white-sided and the conference room is barn-shaped. Though we reached 3-hours before check-in time, they greeted us warmly. The front-desk staff noted my cell number and within an hour gave me a ring to let us know that the room was available.

A big lobby is missing but the Farmstead Inn has furniture clusters, which are scattered all over the first and the second floor. This is really a good thing for those traveling in groups but actually, this can be annoying for those who love to go to bed early!

Rightly named, the Farmstead Inn and Conference Center has ample space for weddings, gatherings and conferences. The hotel also has a fitness room, a hot tub and a pool which is definitely very clean. Unlike what we saw on the website, our room was darn tidy.

The room was spacious. Beds, wooden dressers, dinette table, and a television which was placed awkwardly gave a country look to the room. The hotel has a lawn which is lush green and a shopping complex at the background (known as Yoder’s) which is barn-shaped.

The bathrooms are large with a section for counter/mirror just outside. I loved that. Their bathrooms were again clean, but they were bland. Not enough toiletries was given, but they provided us with ample soft and nice white towels. To our surprise, the Farmstead Inn provides wireless internet connectivity!

The continental breakfast which is offered for free in the Farmstead Inn was a mess and the most horrible one I have seen in several years. It was really disappointing with just two pieces of bread, which looked suspicious, a few cereal boxes, milk and juice. No donuts, muffins or pastries! No French fries and no fruit loops as well! The dinner options were also limited, and we had to buy finally Krispy Kremes… really disappointing!

The Farmstead Inn is a good one in terms of cleanliness but when it comes to food options, the only thing I can say is, I will never return…Bummer!

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