Denver Drumstick Restaurants : Remembering a Childhood Memory

Denver Drumstick Restaurants : Remembering a Childhood Memory
Posted April 13th, 2010 at 7:32 am

Denver Drumstick Restaurants

There was a time when visiting a restaurant in the city of Denver was a special and rare occasion. If you are someone who looked for fast food, the only options open were either drive-up or walk-up and guess what? There was no drive-through.

It was during that time that the Four Food Groups ruled, and people assume that Fat was one of those four foods! It was that era when one of the family restaurants was the Denver Drumstick which served a variety of comfort foods, deep fried with a lot of saturated fats!

Denver Drumstick Restaurants, Colorado

Denver Drumstick Restaurants were scattered in five different places in Denver, and they all served the similar food with same quality and also had an identical environment. All these five restaurants had electric trains – a nice attraction for the kids!

This train traveled on the track that was built close to the ceiling. It traveled across the dinning room and entered the kitchen through a tunnel and come out again. It was a nice theme and pleasant way to keep the children occupied while waiting for food.

Denver Drumstick Restaurants featured the take-out which came in boxcars – not real but large boxes looking like small boxcars. The boxcar tale-outs were nothing less than complete meals and the complementary dishes were the Texas Toast (signature entree) and potatoes and gravy.

I don’t really remember the food quality but what I remember is that the boxcar take-outs with Texas Toast were thrilling- something that the entire family enjoyed eating together.

Rarely, when we visited the A memory of Denver Drumstick Restaurants, I remember ordering my salad with blue cheese dressing on it. It was just the most amazing one I ever tasted and anywhere else. So good was its taste that a thought about the restaurant gives a tingle on my tongue even today!

What happened to the A memory of Denver Drumstick Restaurants? I really don’t have any idea. All I know is that it disappeared with no traces left behind. Some people argue that they converted into Wishbone restaurant, and I am not sure about it. I don’t even remember if the food quality was good.

I also don’t know if there were better restaurants out there when I was a kid for I never had a chance to go anywhere else. Why I remember A memory of Denver Drumstick Restaurants? Simply, because of some childhood memories tightly tucked with hot burgers in those fake boxcars! I miss it.

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