Monumental Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Monumental Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Posted August 2nd, 2012 at 3:42 am

Monumental Hotel Review
In my numerous visits to Florida, I had not at all heard of Monumental Hotel, Orlando, Florida, possibly since it was previously a Crowne Plaza. There is also a Monumental Movie land Hotel, therefore, be certain that you reach the right hotel if using GPS.

The Monumental Hotel provides exceptional closeness to Sea World, fine immediacy in the direction of Universal Studios and average closeness to the Walt Disney World Resort. If there are no unexpected traffic jams the hotel is only about twenty minutes from the Orlando International Airport. Parking is free of cost on the spot.

Rock charges at the Monumental Hotel range from $60.00 or close to 100$ per night, making the hot wire price a deal, although not that remarkable. Judging from the online reviews, a very small number of people book this hotel.

The hotel arrangement is awfully peculiar. Parking is offered simply at the backside of the hotel, thus we halted at what seemed to be the key doorway so that we could drop off our stuff and check in. Actually, this key doorway is an extremely extended saunter from the check-in reception desk, and none of the doorways are straightforwardly nearby from the check-in desks.

Facilities are restricted by this point. The outside pool looked pretty pleasant, except all the seats were vacant owing to the chilly climate. When I reached there, the brunch bar region was not open, it remained closed until the time we left that was about 6:30 in the morning.

The room that we had at the Monumental Hotel might have been pretty good at one point in time, but not anymore. Although we loved the roomy floor arrangement, we felt that the floor covering, furnishing and wall papers were discolored and old-fashioned.

The free of charge toiletries were meager and on the same level with those present at the Best Western or inferior value chain. We were able to sleep pretty soundly in the bed owing to the reasonably comfortable pillows and quilt. The internet did not work well.

It seems as if the Monumental Hotel groups have purchased what at one time was a pleasant Crowne plaza and was not paying attention to its preservation and at the same time renting the accommodations at seriously cut-down price. Despite the fact that I have normally had a huge triumph by means of my good deal Hotwire hotel selection, this one was unfortunately not that successful.

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