Things to Know about Asia Cruises

Things to Know about Asia Cruises
Posted June 16th, 2010 at 7:24 am

Asia Cruises / Asian Cruise
Many people enjoy the idea of cruising in Asia. It will give them the opportunity to experience the culture without having to plan all of their itineraries and understanding the various customs of the countries will not be required.

The Costa cruise line provides the Costa Allegra ship, specifically for individuals looking forward to going cruising in Asia. The ship itself can hold over 800 passengers and has been running for nearly 20 years. Many people prefer the smaller ship because they are more comfortable with the idea of an intimate experience when they are cruising in Asia.

The vast majority of people who use this cruise line will be traveling from various European locations. The staff is filled with an international flavor, and passengers come from such exotic locations as Italy, France and Spain.

Announcement on the ship is made in five languages so that the passengers can have a higher likelihood of understanding what is taking place during the trip. Many European customs are followed, and bottled water is offered for the benefit of the passengers.

There is a predominance of Italian cuisine on the trip with pasta and wine being favorite among the passengers. Many people enjoy cruising in Asia with their family because the trip is affordable online competition that charges significantly more.

There are various options when cruising in Asia through this line of ships that enable people to travel for less than $100 per day. People can travel to such exotic locations as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Most of the trips are usually seven days in duration, and the entire family can enjoy the sights and sounds of international travel.

The ships themselves come with playroom for children so that adults can enjoy activities that are more age-appropriate. There are various games and activities for the children to stay in use during the day as well as at night. The ship comes with a restaurant that is affordable for everyone on the trip.

There are theme nights as well as formal writing occasions throughout the cruise experience so that everyone can enjoy their own traveling experience in a unique way. There are even individuals that sing for the delight of passengers during their meal.

There are freshly made pizza available for people throughout the day with only the best in ingredients placed on each pie. Entertainment such as dancing, and live shows are offered every evening for the passengers to enjoy.

Cabins leave a little to be desired, as they offer twin beds or bunk beds and are not particularly comfortable according to some passengers. Individuals can also count on a mini refrigerator and other amenities to be offered in the room so that they are comfortable during their traveling experience.

There are various ports of interest while cruising in Asia that is mainly located in the countries of Indonesia Malaysia and Thailand. People enjoy the ability to have the international flavor during the cruise without having to worry about the expenses of traveling to each of these exotic locations.

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